welcome home



We exist to move people closer to God and closer to others.


Our Story:

Over 3 years ago we felt a call to pastor a life giving church in Pleasanton and the surrounding Tri-Valley. 

God made it clear to us we are going to be a river not a lake! If you take a journey with us we will help move you closer to God & closer to others!

We believe He can redeem any life, restore any heart, and revive any relationship for His glory, not only because the Bible says so, but because we’ve seen Him do it – over and over again!

Pastors Matt & Jacqui Lacey



We are unashamed of the Gospel.

We will remain flexible, teachable, and extremely grateful.

We will always see serving as a privilege.

We will always leave the 99 for the 1.

We will Dream big, because our God is big.

We will courageously change our methods without compromising our message.

We are a church of next steps.

We will always bring our best.

We do church as a Team.

We don’t maintain, we multiply.

We live to give and love to give.