We are committed to seeing you live your fullest, best life that God has created you uniquely for.

If you have made a decision to follow Jesus, CONGRATULATIONS! Pastor Matt, our Lead Pastor, would love to share with you more about your decision to become a Christian below.

Dear friend,

If you're reading this, it's because you've recently responded to a clear invitation to give your life to Jesus at a Fountain service. I don't know who brought you, I don't know the circumstances that led to your attendance, but I do know you just walked into the greatest decision you could ever make. At our church, we believe when somebody responds to an invitation like you did, it means a few really important things.

1.) It means you ACKNOWLEDGE that you are a sinful human being, in desperate need of the life saving GRACE of JESUS... Sin is easily defined as "missing the mark."  Due to all of us missing that mark by default... due to this fallen world, JESUS became "the mark." He died on a cross to take my place and to take your place.  What we are owed is what we have sown.  Sin leads to death and that SHOULD be our story.  But by His grace, we get what we have not earned, what we do not deserve... His love, His mercy, His Grace... His story is now our story.

2.) It means you have ACCEPTED this grace! You are "approved," you are "accepted,"  you are "forgiven." The rest of your life, you have the opportunity to serve God BECAUSE He loves you, not "so He will love you." We help people FROM a place of acceptance, not FOR it. My prayer for you is that you realize the Grace that has been poured on your life was a gift. You didn't do anything to get it, besides accept it.  So in that same way, don't start now trying to "pay for it" or "work for it." Freely you have received, so freely give!

I truly hope to see you again.  Here is what I recommend...  (If you don't live nearby, immediately go find a church in your area that is gospel driven, Jesus centered and talk to a pastor.)

*Get planted and committed to a church in our city. It makes perfect sense for that church to be Fountain as you’ve made the cornerstone decision here. If perhaps you feel you connected with Jesus but may want to look at another church, with another style or method or sound, by all means. Just do it, and do it quickly. If you try to serve Jesus and not actively BUILD His church, it's the equivalent to setting sail across the sea in a gorgeous boat that has a giant hole in the bottom. The local Church is the hope of the world. I believe that unequivocally.

*Attend GROWTH TRACK. These are 4 classes especially designed to help you understand what we are all about, how you can live free in community, BECOME all you were uniquely created to be through a personality profile and spiritual gifts test, and get started on the DreamTeam to make a difference in our church.

*Get plugged into a SMALL GROUP. Small Groups are all about finding people who share your same passion for Jesus in a "non-church service" format. We eat together, have fun doing things together, pray together and learn about Jesus together. We truly believe that life is best lived together!

I am confident that if you start with the above steps, your life will never be the same. Because of your commitment to Jesus at the service you attended, your ETERNITY will never be the same. Due to your confession of faith in Jesus Christ, I believe someday you will enjoy Heaven. But there is this also the matter called the "here and now." Jesus didn't save us to just give us eternity insurance. He saved us and called us so we can MAKE A DIFFERENCE. We can immediately help others see HIM and love people how He has LOVED US. I will be praying for you and can't wait until we meet again.

Pastor Matt Lacey


Now keep coming to church! If not ours, then find one that works for you and just keep coming.